Laa Wohnbauforschung- Anpassen bestehender Siedlungsräume an den Klimawandel

    Access to adequate environmental amenities is fundamental for the sustainability, resilience and quality of human life in cities. > this requires a better understanding of ecological patterns and social cultural processes in the places most people call home. … Weiterlesen

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ansicht bei nacht The blog of locus vivendi

represents the ongoing work and thoughts of the office Rottenbacher for landscape architecture and landscape planning that started already in 1991 in Austria,
with the goal to develop sustainable projects with high social and aesthetic values.

The everyday practice of sustainable living argues for engagement, responsibility and stewardship for the places we dwell within the natural process we rely on.

Diversity of life involves biological as well as cultural diversity,
societal concepts of world views, meanings and attachment to place.

Through identification and emotional attachment with place concepts for place making and design can be developed, as lebensraum include values, the personal knowledge of individuals and the shared knowledge of communities.

As Tim Cassidy and Christine Rottenbacher work together with interdisciplinary teams, we seek the best practice solutions related to the several single tasks, as each place and community has its special history, qualities and threats.
The main fields of our work are
>     ecosystem services related to landscape architecture approaches, like design of living places
>     public participation and negotiation about place
>     education, workshops, lecturers

·         Planning and Design of Public places (Parks, Streets and Places, Play and Sports Grounds)

·         Restoration and Creation of Water bodies in Town and Landscape

·         Planning and Design with Participation (MPP Moved Planning Process)

Our Services range from project management to detailing structure plans, submission of projects, concepts, Strategic environmental assessment SEA, Environmental assessment EIA,
Social impact assessment SIA

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